Cooler Master JetFlo 120 POM Bearing Review & Specifications

Cooler Master JetFlo 120 - POM Bearing 120mm

- Cooler Master

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Ultra-thin yet extremely strong fan blades - 800 to 2,000 RPM (PWM) +/- 10%
High performance motor and fan blades - generating up to 95 CFM airflow +/- 10%
Long-lasting and durable - Cooler Master's unique, self-lubricating polyoxymethelene (POM) bearing provides a lifespan up to 160,000 hours
Stylish design with both LED (red, white, blue) and non-LED (black) options
Powerful performance, graceful silence - registering in at a maximum of approximately 36 dBA thanks to vibration and sound absorbing rubber pads and steel threads
Smart Fan Engine that features a high efficiency motor, low starting voltage, dust and water resistance, and polarity proof
Smart Jam Protection - Auto-resumes after blade obstructions are cleared
Two silent mode adapters included to fix fan speeds at 1,600 RPM (28 dBA) or 1,200 RPM (19 dBA)

Specs Overview

Model R4-JFNP-20PK-R1
Fan Size 120mm
Color Black
Air Flow 95.0 CFM
Fan RPM 1200 - 2000 RPM
Bearing Type POM Bearing

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Video published by channel JayzTwoCents (10/22/2013).

JetFlo 120 is a high performance, long-lasting computer case cooling fan by Cooler Master. The high quality design of JetFlo 120 places emphasis on performance, style, and silence, critical areas of focus for today's DIY computer builders. The blades found on each JetFlo fan are ultra-thin yet extremely strong, enabling minimal resistance while maximizing performance, cutting through air at speeds ranging between 800-2,000 RPM (PWM functions supported). At full operating power, JetFlo is capable of producing up to 95 CFM of airflow. Longevity is a key feature in JetFlo as it utilizes Cooler Master's latest bearing technology, a self-lubricating polyoxymethelene (POM) bearing that allows JetFlo to be nearly dustproof and last up to 160,000 hours. LED equipped versions of JetFlo 120 feature high quality LEDs that spread light evenly, spanning from the motor and creating a more consistent ambiance. Registering in at a maximum of approximately 36 dBA, JetFlo is powerful while remaining extremely quiet thanks to rubber mounting corners that contain threaded steel inserts. These special materials absorb much of the vibrations and noises produced by the fan. If you're looking for some powerful, stylish, and quiet fans for your new rig, look no further as JetFlo is here.

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