Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 Black Review & Specifications

Cooler Master MegaFlow 200 - Sleeve Bearing 200mm Silent Fan Black

- Cooler Master

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700RPM/110CFM - High airflow for maximum cooling performance
Quiet operation with low RPM
RoHS compliant to protect the environment

Specs Overview

Model R4-MFJR-07FK-R1
Fan Size 200mm
Color Black
Air Flow 110.0 CFM
Fan RPM 700 RPM
Bearing Type Sleeve

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As improvements are made to today's computer components, energy consumption rises, causing the formation of increased heat. To battle the increasing temperatures, you are going to need improved cooling inside your computer. Integrating several small fans is not the correct solution as they will generate high noise levels. Larger fans are optimal for modern systems because they produce less noise. The Cooler Master MegaFlow has a diameter of 200mm and displacement volume of 184 m3/h, which is twice that of 140mm fans. These specifications allow excellent cooling and silent operation.

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