Intel Core i7-860 Review & Specifications

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I can clearly say that the test results were not what I had expected. I had assumed that the i7 920 would beat the i7 860 in most if not all tests, partially due to the triple channel memory, but mostly due to the fact that the i7 860 is intended to...


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on INTEL’s Lynnfield If there were any doubts or initial skepticism of Lynnfield’s performance, clearly those doubts are erased today! Both Hyper and non-Hyperthreaded versions of Lynnfield are super strong performers when it comes to task...


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Specs Overview

Model BV80605001908AK
Socket LGA1156
Integrated Graphics No
CPU Cores 4
CPU Threads 8
CPU Clock Rate 2800MHz
CPU Cooler included
Manufacturing Process 45 nm
Cache L3 8.00MB

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