SteelSeries QcK XXL Review & Specifications

SteelSeries QcK XXL Gaming Mouse Pad

- SteelSeries

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Smooth cloth surface for precise and consistent glide
Non-slip rubber base prevents slipping
Gigantic-sized mouse pad, nearly 3ft long
Room for nearly all your peripherals, it's desk sized
QcK XXL Dimensions - 35.43 W x 15.75 H x .16 D

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The QcK XXL is a high-performance, massive-sized mouse pad, that is nearly three feet in length. It uses the same material as our championship-grade QcK series, just much bigger. Composed of a soft high-quality cloth and a no-slip rubber base, the surface of the QcK XXL delivers a steady and smooth glide for optimal mouse movements. This version of the QcK is 4 mm thick with supersized dimensions offering plenty of space with room for pretty much anything on your desk. The QcK has been professionally tested by gamers and become one of the most sought after, critically acclaimed mouse pads in competitive gaming - the ultimate surface for performance and comfort.

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