PC Build Sunday, May 28, 2023 💵 $732 🔌 310 W

Final intel by exinch777

👍 All compatibility checks passed

We haven't found any compatibility issue, all parts are safe to be used together!

Type Product Seller Price Shipping
Motherboard +Free
CPU +Free
CPU Cooler Prime
RAM +Free
Video Card -
Power Supply -

Estimated Wattage: 🔌 310 W

Total: 💵 $732.35

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DISCLAIMER: Not all compatibility checks can be done automatically. Some physical restrictions between components, such as RAM / VRM heatsinks or radiators clearances, need to be checked manually.

🚀 Performance

CPU Single-Core



100% Reference:
Intel Core i9-14900KF

GPU Gaming



100% Reference:
GeForce RTX 4090

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