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  • ARCTIC MX-6 8g

    20% BETTER PERFORMANCE: With its improved composition, the ARCTIC MX-6 has a measurably lower thermal resistance than the MX-4 PROVEN QUALITY: With over 20 years of experience in the PC cooling market, our focus was on improved performance, versatile application possibilities and an easy-to-use ...

  • ARCTIC MX-5 50g

    MULTIPLE VARIANTS: ARCTIC MX-5 Is Available In Sizes Ranging From 2 To 50 Grams. Resealable Packaging Prevents The Paste From Drying Out. Alternatively Available With Spatula SAFE TO USE: ARCTIC MX-5 Is Completely Metal-Free, Eliminating The Risk Of Short Circuits, Discharges And Corrosion Damag...

  • ARCTIC MX-4 8g + Spatula

    WELL PROVEN QUALITY: The design of our thermal paste packagings has changed several times, the formula of the composition has remained unchanged, so our MX pastes have stood for high quality EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE: ARCTIC MX-4 thermal paste is made of carbon microparticles, guaranteeing extremely...