How do we rate products on Pangoly?


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How score is calculated

We review several different kind of products which can hardly be evaluated with a single criteria. We rate the following attributes, with different weights depending on product kind:

  • Price: It's the first element we analyze as it allows us to insert a product in a specific segment of the market. Since it doesn't make a lot of sense to compare products belonging to different segments, price is a big factor in the score. Due to that, for example, it's possible that an entry level video card has a higher score than a high-end one.
  • Performance: It's the main factor for products like Processors, Video Cards and Solid State Disks, as it's really important for speed.
  • Build quality: Really important for products like Cases, Power Supplies, Motherboards and Video Cards. Stability, reliability and quality of supporting components are key points.
  • Features: Fundamental for Motherboards and Cases. It also takes bundles into account.


Score is assigned when a product is inserted in our database. We can’t base our score on always-changing pricing information or when a product updates its revision. The scores currently range between 0 and 100. You'll rarely find low score products on this site as our intent is to only review products we recommend buying.

Score Table

0-69 Average (An average product, which performs decently and will satisfy the general consumer preferences)
70-79 Good (The product has above average performance and features, which has minor drawbacks)
80-89 Very Good (The product is amazing in almost all of its aspects, with some minor exceptions)
90-100 Excellent (The performance and features offered by the product are superb)