ASUS has announced the production of its first SSD. The teaser image shows the ROG STRIX SQ7, 1TB of storage with M.2 PCIe Gen4 interface.

The teaser comes just 3 weeks before Computex 2022 from ASUS' Taiwanese facebook page. It's possible that the new SSD will be unveiled at ASUS' "Boundless" event on May 17th.

Competitors' SSD solutions

Almost all major manufacturers are offering their own range of PCIe SSDs with options geared towards both the budget and the high-end range. ASUS' main rivals, Gigabyte and MSI, have been offering their solutions for some time now. MSI is the newest competitor in the segment with its SPATIUM series while Gigabyte offers its SSDs under the AORUS brand. From the first information, ASUS will probably use its ROG STRIX brand for the new PCIe NVMe SSDs.

ASUS should also consider that its competitors are already offering their SSD solutions with compatibility with Sony's PlayStation 5. Having such compatibility from the beginning combined with competitive prices could be a winning move for ASUS.

While we are waiting for more information about it, you can watch the video of the last Computex with the new products presented by ASUS: