With the release of the GeForce RTX 2080 just around the corner, NVIDIA has announced the release date for their next RTX 2070 card. The Founders Edition is scheduled for release on October 17th, with the Founders Edition priced at USD 599.

In line with the overall performance progression for the GeForce RTX family, RTX 2070 will offer approximately 75% of RTX 2080 performance. RTX 2070 has about 75% of RTX 2080's shading/texturing/tensor hardware, however it has the same render output unit count and the same 256-bit memory bus. So we expect the biggest performance differences to occur in ray tracing-associated scenarios – while pixel-associated scenarios that rely primarily on ROP throughput should have much less impact.

Overall, RTX 2070 is a bit of a jolly. Instead of being a stripped-down version of the GPU used in 2080, as has been the case with NVIDIA products for most of the last decade, the RTX 2070 gets its own GPU: the TU106. A third GPU in as many boards has higher upfront costs, as NVIDIA has to isolate and produce another die, however the new GPU allows them to minimize costs by not having to use the larger TU104 to meet what what will be an increased demand for the cheaper VGA.

As a result, while NVIDIA is officially setting the recommended price for base RTX 2070 cards to $499, but we don't expect to see them anytime soon at that price in the near future. NVIDIA's Founders Edition card will cost an extra 100 dollars, pushing the price to $599, and we expect NVIDIA partners to do the same.