In homage to Intel's 50th anniversary and the 40th anniversary of the 8086 processor, today Intel surprised everyone by announcing the Core i7-8086K: a limited edition processor that becomes the fastest ever.

Intel has announced a new hyper-frequency version of its mainstream processor with the best performance of Coffee Lake with the new Core i7-8086K model. This new processor, of which only 50,000 will be made, is an additional boost compared to its current Core i7-8700K offering.

Details are scarce at the moment, however Intel has stated that the processor has a base frequency of 4.0 GHz and a 5.0 GHz single core turbo. In this sense, we suspect a 4.6 GHz all-core turbo. This would mark a gain of 300 MHz on the base and all-core frequency and 300 MHz on the single-core turbo. The TDP should remain at 95 W, the same as the i7-8700K.
Despite the limited edition nature of the product, we suspect that this was not so difficult to produce for Intel, it was just a case of silicon modification from the production line. This is a small increase in frequencies, however it requires a good chip. For anyone who wants a Core i7-8700K, the Core i7-8086K now becomes an option.

Intel has not mentioned official pricing or availability, however their prize competitions list the average retail value of the processor at $425.

What Intel mentioned is that they will distribute 8086 processors for free in a lottery at: http://www.intel.com/8086sweepstakes