Intel unveiled the Pentium Gold 6405U and Celeron 5205U dual-core processors, two low-end additions to its 10th-generation Comet Lake-U series, 14 nm, which includes four Core models driven by an i7-10710U hexa-core.

Intel has announced two more Comet Lake-U processors, according to an AnandTech report: a Pentium Gold 6405U four-threadd dual-core with 2.4 GHz clock and a 1.9 GHz dual-threaded Celeron 5205U.
Both are limited to 2 MB of cache and lack turbo mode but are available at much lower prices than other Comet Lake processors. Pentium will be sold for $161 and the Celeron for $107 (recommended prices).

Intel's updated Comet Lake lineup

Earlier this year, Intel added Comet Lake to its roadmap as a follow-up to the eighth-generation quad-core and 8-thread Whisky Lake-U chips.

Other Comet Lake chips include quad-core, Core i7-10510U and i5-10210U quad-core models with clocks at 1.8 GHz/4.9 GHz and 1.6 GHz/4.2 GHz. There is also a dual-core Core i3-10110U, quad-thread clock with 2.1GHz/4.1GHz clock.

Like other U-series chips, Comet Lake models have 15 W. Pentium Gold 6405U TDPs and Celeron 5205U are likely flawed models from the Core i3-10110U line.

The most powerful Comet Lake models, including a 10-core model, will arrive later, and a very low-power Y-series is scheduled for early 2020. There's also the Rocket Lake design planned for the third quarter of 2020 that combines a 14 nm CPU with 10nm graphics. Some later Rocket Lake models will use 14nm for both CPU and GPU.

The Comet Lake nomenclature can be confusing as it is listed as a tenth-generation processor, which is a label that is also applied to Ice Lake Core processors at 10 nm, following the 9th Gen Coffee Lake Refresh. The name could also be confused with the 10nm Cannon Lake, which was a kind of one-time product line consisting of a TDP Core core i3-8121U from 15 W dual-core.

Earlier this week, Intel unveiled its 10 nm Intel Atom core and SoC Lakefield with graphics requirements up to 50% faster than Gemini Lake and one-tenth of the standby power.

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