We are happy to announce the release of the new version of our PC builder: increasingly powerful with integrated compatibility checks, important notes for assembly and a product suggestion engine based on artificial intelligence to always find the best compatible products in terms of performance for money spent.

Several years have passed since the launch of our first PC builder, a service that managed a few hundred components to be assembled and available only in 2 geographical areas. Now, years later, the products in the catalog have become tens of thousands, the geographical areas served are 32 and over 1 million PC components have been assembled through our completely free service.

All this has led us to redesign our historic builder, making it more complete and with new features that will surely be useful for planning your next PC.

Compatibility checks

Within Pangoly, 2 configuration modes have always been available: the basic one for beginner users (where according to the budget chosen at the starting point, fully compatible configurations are already suggested and with limited options to choose from) and the advanced mode, where experienced users have absolute freedom in the choice of PC parts.

From now on, even in the advanced configuration mode, the compatibility checks are automatically active. This means that in the choice of each type of component will be shown only the other PC parts compatible with those that you have selected up to that moment in your custom build. This greatly simplifies the picking process, automatically narrowing down the available selection. It is still possible to disable compatibility checks from the filter panel when choosing components, but we do not recommend it unless you want to run into problems during assembly.

Obviously not all compatibility checks can be automated, there are some physical restrictions that cannot be verified through the control system, such as the clearance of the RAM heatsinks with large CPU coolers, or the thickness of the radiators in liquid systems that in some cases can conflict with the heatsinks or the metal backplate that some motherboards are equipped with, or with the tight space available in some small factor cases.

In other cases, however, component manufacturers do not provide all the technical details necessary to be able to carry out all the compatibility checks, so it is always a good idea, in case of doubt, to check if other people have had issues with the selected components and report it to us so that we can create custom notes and warn users of these possible problems during assembly.

Thanks to our always updated compatibility lists, you can know in advance if you will need to update the BIOS of the motherboard to be able to support a certain processor or directly choose a ram model listed in the QVL released by the motherboard manufacturer that ensures 100% compatibility.

Advanced filters

In addition to the compatibility checks it is possible for most PC part types to filter the results, as well as by price range, also for the various technical specifications to find the component with the exact characteristics you are looking for.

Also, the products that have the label “Best price” indicate those products with immediate availability for purchase that offer an excellent compromise between quality and their current price.


Next to our selected components, there is a panel with a concise indication of the performance of our system compared to the respective top PC parts currently on the market. This can immediately give us an idea of the range of performance that we can expect from our PC and possibly go to balance the components that offer performance not in line with the rest of the configuration, creating possible bottlenecks in the total efficiency of the PC.

Product Suggestions

For products that directly affect the performance of the system, we have created an artificial intelligence suggestion engine that allows you to pick PC parts that offer economic savings while maintaining or increasing the performance of the system compared to the components you have already selected, enabling you to create a PC build that always offers the maximum performance achievable with the budget you have available.

Next steps

Our new PC builder is constantly evolving: more information, suggestions, and controls will be added over time, making it more and more reliable and useful. If you would like to see features not yet present in our PC builder, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are you waiting for? Start building your PC now!