Seasonic had announced the CONNECT power supply at Computex 2018. In the following months it continued the development of connect and its innovative design, essentially a backplate that houses all the connections for any gaming PC.

Seasonic CONNECT is essentially two connected products, one of which is Seasonic Prime's 750 watt 80 PLUS Gold certified with S3FC technology. This technology allows this power supply not only to function more efficiently, but also to generate less noise.

The second product is essentially a backplate that is mounted on the PC case using magnets to provide connections to all components. During the installation there are only two cables that come from the power supply to power the CONNECT. While the included power supply supports the 12 V, -12 V, and 5 Vsb rails, CONNECT converts this power to provide the outputs of the 3.3 V and the 5 V from the 12 V rail.

An innovative solution

This innovation allows a serious aesthetic update to everyone's system and this device is also equipped with an LED display. CONNECT comes with a dedicated cable set that will be long enough to reach virtually any part of the computer and to allow this back plate to offer an extraordinarily tidy and clean solution.

The power supply has a 20-24 pin cable of the motherboard: this cable has a length of 200 mm, another cable is for the CPU 4-8 pins with 230 mm in length. For PCIe connections, this power supply has four, two of which are 310 mm in length and the other two 280 mm in length.

For SATA connections or storage connectors there are three cables in total, a cable with not only 470 mm in length but also four SATA connectors. The other two SATA cables have a length of 230 mm and a length of 210 mm and each offers two connectors per cable, but a final connector is at right angles (the 230 mm cable). This power supply also features a Molex cable and an adapter from Molex to SATA 3.3.