Compatible processors with MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI

CPU support list

* CPU support list is provided by MSI.
Model Socket Cores TDP iGPU CPU Single-Core Performance Single-Core Effective Value Workstation Performance Workstation Effective Value Gaming Performance Gaming Effective Value Since BIOS Price
BX8071514900KS Intel Core i9-14900KS LGA1700 24 150W Yes
7D43vAG $648
BX8071514900K Intel Core i9-14900K LGA1700 24 125W Yes
7D43vAD $548
BX8071514900KF Intel Core i9-14900KF LGA1700 24 125W No
7D43vAD $529
BX8071514900 Intel Core i9-14900 LGA1700 24 65W Yes
7D43vAD $579
BX8071514900F Intel Core i9-14900F LGA1700 24 65W No
7D43vAD $529
BX8071513900KS Intel Core i9-13900KS LGA1700 24 150W Yes
7D43vA8 $625
BX8071513900K Intel Core i9-13900K LGA1700 24 125W Yes
7D43vA7 $400
BX8071513900KF Intel Core i9-13900KF LGA1700 24 125W No
7D43vA7 $427
BX8071513900 Intel Core i9-13900 LGA1700 24 65W Yes
7D43vA8 $579
BX8071513900F Intel Core i9-13900F LGA1700 24 65W No
7D43vA8 $475
BX8071514700K Intel Core i7-14700K LGA1700 20 125W Yes
7D43vAD $370
BX8071514700KF Intel Core i7-14700KF LGA1700 20 125W No
7D43vAD $350
BX8071513700K Intel Core i7-13700K LGA1700 16 125W Yes
7D43vA7 $290
BX8071513700KF Intel Core i7-13700KF LGA1700 16 125W No
7D43vA7 $281
BX8071513700F Intel Core i7-13700F LGA1700 16 65W No
7D43vA8 $360
BX8071513700 Intel Core i7-13700 LGA1700 16 65W Yes
7D43vA8 $370
BX8071514600K Intel Core i5-14600K LGA1700 14 125W Yes
7D43vAD $306
BX8071514600KF Intel Core i5-14600KF LGA1700 14 125W No
7D43vAD $293
BX8071512900KS Intel Core i9-12900KS LGA1700 16 150W Yes
7D43vA2 $430
BX8071512900KF Intel Core i9-12900KF LGA1700 16 125W No
7D43vA0 $250
BX8071512900K Intel Core i9-12900K LGA1700 16 125W Yes
7D43vA0 $260
BX8071513600K Intel Core i5-13600K LGA1700 14 125W Yes
7D43vA7 $248
BX8071513600KF Intel Core i5-13600KF LGA1700 14 125W No
7D43vA7 $220
BX8071512900 Intel Core i9-12900 LGA1700 16 65W Yes
7D43vA0 $428
BX8071512900F Intel Core i9-12900F LGA1700 16 65W No
7D43vA0 $349

This is not a full list of compatible parts. Always check the manufacturer's website to verify possible incompatibilities between components.
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MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR5 LGA 1700 Intel B660 SATA 6Gb/s Micro ATX
MSI PRO B660M-A WIFI DDR5 LGA 1700 Intel B660 SATA 6Gb/s Micro ATX
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